Not syncing - Invalid response from server

For some time now i'm having problems to sync my zotero library. Even if I let my computer for hours the arrow just keps turning arround untill the mozila stops to responde and I have to restart the browser.

Now, the zotero gave me the error "Invalid response from server" and so I could make a error report n. 1353815599.

What can I do?

  • Restart Firefox and try again, and don't force-quit Firefox if it freezes. That just means Zotero is performing a large sync, and if you interrupt it it'll just happen again.

    If you get another error provide another Report ID.
  • Hello, thank you.

    By knowing the delay to synchronize large amounts of records, let him synchronizing overnight, but the next day he had caught himself and closed firefox. And that happened a few times already.

    I restarted the browser again as you said, but it had the same error again (invalid response from server). The report ID is 185528528.
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