export tag cloud

Curious if anyone has come up with a means to export a tag cloud from a Zotero library? I'd like to display it in a WordPress environment.


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    Thanks; interesting, but from error console (Zotero 2.1.8, SEASR 0.4.1, FF latest) it looks buggy and I could only get it to work (barely) when tab mode disabled in Zotero, and then it only displayed a tag cloud image, not a clickable tag cloud...if others are aware of how heavily supported the Zotero SEASR extension is, I'd appreciate.

  • I'd be interested if others have found a way to export a Zotero tag cloud, e.g. via the API.

    Many thanks,

  • I realise this is a pretty old topic, but I'm wondering whether there has been any recent developments on a clickable tag cloud for your zotero library?


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