Multilingual zotero error when captureing ref from url bar


here is my error report ID: 2024785013

Using experimental multilingual zotero, since latest update (June 17) zotero fails when I try to capture e reference from url bar. I have to start firefox anew for zotero to start working again.

Any clue?

  • You need to provide example URLs.
  • I'd also want to know exactly what "Zotero fails" means. Do you get the Translation Failed error message? Does FF crash? etc.
  • Right. There are no Zotero errors in that error report.
  • Ok.

    New error report: 996434382

    This URL will do as would any other:

    fails actually means it crashes as soon as I try to save a ref, say from google books. Then zotero prompts me to restart firefox.

    Hope it is clear
  • could we get the precise error message?
  • You sure could... but it reads in French...
  • It goes like: an error occured while saving this item. pls go to error console... and then you get the reports.
  • please just post the exact message that you get, French is fine.
    And when exactly do you get prompted to restart Firefox? If that's a different message, please post that, too.
  • Ok, so here we go:

    first, this one shows up right wen I click on the url bar icon:

    "Echec de l'enregistrement
    Une erreur s'est produite lors de l'enregistrement de ce document.
    Veuillez consulter < pour davantage de précisions"

    And in Zotero, in the main field, which turns blank (where you usually have your library items listed):
    "Une erreur est survenue. Veuillez redémarrer firefox.

    Vous pouvez signaler cette erreur en sélectionnant "Rapport d'erreurs..." du menu Actions (engrenages)."

    Hope it helps.
  • Incorrect number of parameters provided for query (3, expecting 5)"
    Looks like a multilingual branch bug during site translation.
  • Is there anything I can do about that?
  • This bug was recently fixed on the trunk-- it should propagate to the multilingual branch soon. I was bitten by it too-- it's a one-line change in the source.
  • Hmm. No, that was a different bug. But this one is certainly on multilingual only, and probably a result of the recent churn in the translation machinery.
  • So I guesse I just have to wait for an update?
  • yes - you should be aware that that's the cost of using an experimental version - Frank uses the version to try out new things occasionally, he's tinkering with translators to achieve get the maximum amount of multilingual data imported etc. - so you'll have occasional problems like this -
    it is useful to report them (that's the point of testing, after all), but you should clearly label your post as referring to the ML version in the title as in
    [Multilingual] Zotero error using Translator

    to make sure that he actually sees the post.
  • Yes,

    I am totally aware of that. I was just reporting. I edited the title.

  • Including "multilingual" in the title was the key -- I'll check into this soon.
  • Yes. I was a bit slow to react :)
  • I've had a look. It will be next week before I'm able to wade into the code and fix this.
  • ... or not. This was too annoying to ignore. I've put up an update that should have translation working again.
  • Hi,

    thanks for being so quick.

    Yet, since latest update multilingual zotero won't launch at all in my profile. The panel shows up when summoned in firefox, yet it is grey and totally empty. Is it just me?
  • An update just went out an hour or so ago, including the latest trunk changes (of which there were many). Try reinstalling. If that doesn't help, post again and we'll start trying to figure out what's broken.
  • Yes, I can confirm: fresh profile, FF5, MZ is broken.
  • What are the other details of your platform (Windows, Mac, version)?
  • Oh, wait. Are you running a non-English locale? If so, that is almost certainly the cause of your difficulties, and I'll be pushing put an update in a few minutes that should get things going again.
  • Try reinstalling now.
  • Yes,

    everything works smoothly now. Great job!

  • Working fine for me too. Thanks, Frank!
  • Multilingual zotero,


    this same problem happens again. Profile related for sure since no new update lately. Seems like a translator issue. Any clue?

    Here is the error report id: 1898943729


  • The translators in MLZ may not be updating as they do in the mainstream version. I am about to merge a backlog of patches. If translator updates still seem not to work, I'll try to look into the cause. In the meantime, you might try copying in the relevant translator manually, and see if that helps.
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