Import for Endnote Report error 716682316

I am importing from Endnote X2.0.1 (bld 3889). Please help with import errors

Narrowed down the error (or the first error) to my library's item #349.
I managed to import into Zotero all the prior entries, probably 300+ entries.
I also imported into Zotero #350-499 ok. Then I found another error in next batch (500-1000) but it might take some time to find the (assuming) individual entry errors.
I have 1500 entries total.

The error looks like this:

[JavaScript Error: "syntax error" {file: "moz-nullprincipal:{6ad72186-4053-2745-a3da-3ec65c315c35}" line: 1 column: 1 source: "TY - BOOK"}]

The entry (in a .txt file) that doesn't import looks similar (from what I can tell !) to the other entries, here it is:

AU - Brody, Baruch A.
AU -
PY - 1989
BT - Suicide and Euthanasia: Historical and Contemporary Themes
CY - Dordrecht, Netherlands
PB - Kluwer Academic Pub
SP - 286
N1 - Suicide and Euthanasia: Historical and Contemporary Themes
AN - ATLA0000135275
N1 - English
KW - Jewish bioethics
ATLA Class Code: Bioethics/Medical Ethics
ID - 348
ER -
  • Ok, I've imported entries #349-500 and 600 - 1560 (the last). However, I still have error(s) betw 500-599.

    Also, I didn't notice this before --
    Does Zotero strip out all the keywords from Endnote?

    If so, any work-around?

    If not, I will want to re-import all my Endnote items again, after sorting by keyword, so I can tag them in Zotero. Right?
  • edited June 17, 2011
    Sorry. ... I believe I found the error myself. I had a comma or something that created some kind of extra, empty AU line. (By the way, perhaps you could create an error prompt to inform the user about this?)

    Now I can see that I will have some difficulties with keywords and custom fields (used for tags). Any suggestions on importing those?

    Thanks and sorry for the trouble...
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