Sync problems still after 2.1.8 upgrade?

I've been having sync issues for a week or so and just found the discussions over the last day about issues. I just upgraded to 2.1.8 and am still having issues. I expect this is primarily me doing the wrong thing, so please bear with me. With a normal sync I get the conflict resolution dialog asking me to resolve 1400 items. I clicked through them all yesterday morning and allowed the arrow to spin for about 10 hours before shutting it down. I got the same conflict resolution dialog this am before and after upgrading to 2.1.8. What I really want to do is do a reset and push all my local data up to the server. When I follow the directions and do that option in preferences (turn off auto-sync, with zotero off, choose reset), nothing appears to happen. I'm not sure when/where I'm supposed to wait while the reset happens. Should I have zotero off? Should I start up zotero after choosing the correct reset settings? Thanks for bearing with me.
  • Boiling it down to this: Following the directions on this page:
    to restore to server, the actual restore does not seem to happen. Is there any way to know whether the restore has initiated and its progress?
  • 1) You shouldn't have used the reset options. As it says, those aren't meant for troubleshooting, and if you get erroneous conflicts, it's a bug that needs to be fixed.

    2) Just restart Firefox and sync, post here when you do, and tell us what happens.
  • Also make sure you're running Firefox 4.
  • - I'm using Firefox 4.0.1
    - sync is spinning, hovering indicates "last sync: not yet synced"
  • sorry: 351564215

    That was informative to me as well... looks like I may be running out of memory.
  • How much RAM do you have on your system? Have you tried after a fresh restart of your system?
  • 3 GB of RAM, Win XP SP 3. Yes, I've done many fresh restarts over the last few days, but not yet today. I suppose I could try that.

    The error logs in firefox have many more errors than just the memory one. Don't know if that means anything or if you can see those too.
  • I can't see those errors (Dan can, though), but if they seem related to another add-on it might be worth disabling and/or de-installing that.
  • I think all the errors are Zotero record errors - things like "tags have changed..." Basically, things are pretty mucked up. Which is ok - I'm actually still in the progress of migrating to Zotero and have 95% of the records in a cleaned up RIS file. This is why I'm fine with stripping what's up on the server and replacing with what I have locally. I'd very very much prefer that than to have to try clicking through 1400 supposed conflict resolution items again (which I did do for a second time today ... thought I was almost there).

    Can you strip what I've got (personal and group folders) and then would sync be easier (and require less memory..)?

    Thanks again for such quick help and a fabulous product.
  • Again, if you get erroneous conflicts—where the local and remote versions look identical—it's a bug that needs to be fixed, and if the sync is failing, you'll just get them again. We would need a Debug ID for a sync attempt, up through the first screen of the conflict resolution wizard (after which you could cancel it and submit the debug output).

    Are you still getting a conflict resolution dialog, or just the memory error at this point?
  • Yes, I got the conflict resolution dialog again. I logged 737293 debug lines from opening zotero to getting to the conflict resolution dialog. It has been attempting to send for the last 45 min or so, so I'm killing it and will send it to you per your instructions. If this all boils down to memory issues, I think I'd save all of us time if I just make my DB smaller before trying to sync again. Tim
  • Erroneous conflicts aren't necessarily related to the memory issues.

    Not sure which instructions you're referring to, but you should be able to view the output, do a File->Save As, zip the text file, and e-mail it to with a link to this thread.
  • Drat! "View output" just gave me a blank window so I closed FireFox with the assumption that the log would be there after opening it fresh. But, of course, it claims there now are "0 lines logged". If the log file is gone (can't see anything obvious buried in App data firefox profiles either), I'll get back on it tomorrow. Sorry.
  • OK, well, if you want to just reimport all your items from the RIS file, then delete everything from your personal library to make sure the associated files get deleted, and then do a Restore from Zotero Server in the Sync->Reset pane of the Zotero preferences. Then, if that succeeds, reimport the items from the RIS file and sync.

    If you have imported items in your personal library that aren't in the RIS file, you can export those to RDF first.
  • Ok, I'll likely give that a try. I'll let you know if things go awry. Thanks!
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