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I see some previous threads from 2009 and 10 about splitting bibliographies into various fields -i.e. Journals, books, newspaper and online sources etc. However, I have yet to read a responce that carries a solution. We are now mid way thropugh 2011 on version 2.1.7 and wonder if this issue has been addressed yet?

The alternative is hideous, to wait till its finnished, split the bibliography manually, then never touch zotero in that document again. This is not really a solution as the work in question is a phd thesis and needs to have corrections etc.

Please can someone let me know if we can now do this - to split the bibliography into source type - journal, book, newspaper, online.

Thank you
  • The developers are aware of this issue, certainly. The citeproc-js processor used in Zotero 2.1 has the capability to include a selection of cited items in a bibliography (or bibliographies), but implementing that functionality will require changes to Zotero and to the word processor plugins that are non-trivial. It will take more time to realize this.
  • thank you for your response. I eagerly await your updates,
  • actually, there are ways to split the bibliography already - they aren't very elegant and you'll have to do the actual splittin and sub-headers yourself, but depending on what you need you might be able to get it into the right order.
    Let us know how exactly you need the bibliography split and I can tell you if it's possible now.
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