problems with citeulike library page (i.e. COinS?) import

I'm trying to import data via my citeulike page (I know I can use bibtex export and then import etc, but this seemed easier). Unfortunately, zotero imports the data incorrectly. For an example, navigate to
and click on the zotero import sign and import e.g. the first few references

problem 1: proceedings are not imported (they don't end up in the selection dialog box)

problem 2:first author is stored as last

problem 3: initials of first author are not recorded (when rft.auinit is used?)
example: the ref "Instrumentation factors affecting variance and bias of quantifying tracer uptake with PET/CT" has first author R.K. Doot, auinit in the COinS info is set to RK, but Zotero does not record a first name (it does for the other authors).

problem 4: the translator fails on the citeulike page for a spcific tag, e.g.

problem 5: tags etc are not imported, but I guess this is just a limitation of COinS.

I checked the COinS content of the HTML tha tciteulike generates and it looks fine to me.

Note that problems 1,2,3 and 5 do not occur when I use import from the citeulike page for a single article (e.g. I guess that the translator used is different in this case.
  • There was just a glitch in the regexp so the dedicated CiteULike translator didn't work for user pages. Please download a copy of the translator from here:
    and use it to replace the existing copy of the translator in Zotero's translator folder
    You may have to restart Firefox - let us know if this works for you and we can quickly push the new translator.

    (ajlyon: The only change is an added |/user/| in the regexp)
  • Nice troubleshooting. The updated translator is now in the main repository and should be included in the next release of Zotero.
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