no sync in the last 15 days - always spinning

Hi, the last time zotero synced on my computer is 15 days ago. I tried all kinds of things and the wheel is spinning a lot. Currently, it's showing 'Sync with Zotero Server' but I think it also showed something else at some point. Any solutions?

Mac OS X 10.6.7, FF 4.0.1, Zotero 2.1.7

  • Restart Firefox, try again, and post here when you do.
  • Thanks! Still spinning after restart showing "getting updated data from sync server" for over an hour now...
  • I see a download sync from an hour ago.

    Provide a Debug ID for a few minutes of a sync attempt.
  • Here is the debug idea D1728828598. It includes a restart and a syncing attempt for a couple of minutes...
  • Please verify that this still happens with all your other extensions disabled.
  • yes, it is still happening... (at least nothing looks different after another restart 5 min ago)
  • Can you provide another Debug ID with the extensions disabled? Also, does this happen in both pane mode and tab mode?
  • Now it suddenly worked. No idea why. I just wanted to produce another Debug ID. Thanks for the help! I will try enabling the add-ons step by step...
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