two-item date interpreted as day and year instead of month and year (2)

I am still experiencing the previously reported behaviour in v2.1.7:

e.g. 02/2007 or 2/2007 is parsed as (y d) and it is pinned at Dec 2006 on the timeline.

The issue was excepted as bug and it was called fixed in v2.1.6.

Should I supply any other information?

  • Works for me in 2.1.7. What locale?
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    Windows 7, original German localisation, extended to Ultimate
    from Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Region and Language:
    Format: German (Germany)
    Location: Germany
    Display language: English
    Language for non-unicode programs: English (United Kingdom)

    When the Format was changed to English (United States), the behaviour of Zotero regarding the date parsing remained the same even after the reboot.

    Anything else I can try?
  • Try changing the Firefox user agent locale to 'en-US'.
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    Zotero parses as awaited according to the fix (02/2007 -> y m) after a
    restart of FF.

    From curiosity I tried other locale settings
    and again 02/2007 is parsed to J T (= Jahr Tag = year day) after restart
    of FF. (<- not according the bugfix)

    general.useragent.locale;eng according to its definition at and
    the table of codes at
    and the MM/YYYY date is parsed to (y d) again. This is a surprise,
    because this is the only correct definition of the English locale
    according to ISO.

    My conclusion: the fix works for locale "en-US", but it is not guaranteed
    that it will work for any other.

    For now, I am staying with en-US, it seem it does not have any
    side-effect for now. Thank you, Dan. But, I suppose this is not a global fix...

  • This will be fixed in the next version of Zotero. Thanks.
  • Dear Dan,

    Zotero parses two-number dates (MM/YYYY) to year and month for general.useragent.locale=de-DE and en-GB. (Issue fixed) Thank you!

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