Move Group Library to My (Private) Library

Hi. I have a Group Library (about 15 subfolders) that no longer needs to be for a group. I want to move it to My Library. What is the safest and most efficient way to move the library and subfolders to My Library?

Of course, I realize this is a very basic question. But I couldn't find an answer either under the documentation or by searching the forums.

Thanks very much!
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    (edit:this only works for collections within a library): Just right-click the collection in the left column and select "Remove Collection...". The items will still be present in My Library.

    Edit: oops, you want to move entire libraries. Have no experience with that.
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    Can you drag the Group Library to My Library? Also, make sure to ignore my previous advice.
  • No, Zotero does not let me drag a Group Library into My Library.

    Yes, the previous post was wrong. This Group Library does not exist currently in My Library.

  • Still no response on this? I have the same problem
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    I did a very inefficient thing but it worked.
    1. I clicked on my entire group collection and exported a zotero.rdf file with the attached files.
    2. Then I imported that file to my personal collection.
    3. Once that was done I deleted the group library.

    Hope it helps!
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