APA 6th bibliography Report Number bug

There is a small bug when the APA 6th style cites a report number in a bibliography. This happens in Line 144 of the current version of the style distributed with Zotero 2.1.6. The output is rendered with a space after the parenthesis, i.e. ( No. .....) rather than (No. .....).

Secondly, is the prefix 'No. ' strictly required for reports in APA 6th? I usually put those details in manually in the report number field, e.g. I would put "Catalogue No. 1234" in the report number field. This shows up in the bibliography as ( No. Catalogue No. 1234) rather than just (Catalogue No. 1234). If 'No. ' is required by APA 6th, I can change how I enter data, however, if it is not required can the prefix be removed altogether?

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