1682011480 - One computer not syncing files

Of three computers I have (all running Ubuntu), one computer will not sync files. The computer is in my office at the university I work for.
  • From the error message:
    Are you using filesystem encryption such as ecrypt that results in a filename length limit below 255 bytes?
  • Also:
    Error creating file 'go8laaaacv0rvh0y3jlyxrllwrhdguamjawos0woc0wovqxotownto0msswmdow[...]
    If you want, you can find this file in the Zotero data directory on one of your other computers, delete it, modify the HTML file so that it has an update timestamp, and resync it (or just delete the corresponding item in Zotero on that computer).
  • Dan - thank you (as always!) for your speedy reply.

    I do have encrypted home folders. I will try to delete that file from another computer. Can you provide a quick walk-thru (or link) to updating the HTML file's time stamp?
  • 1) Open it in a text editor, make a small whitespace change, save.


    2) Open a terminal window, type 'touch ' (no quotes, but with a trailing space), drag the HTML file in to copy its path, and hit Enter. (I'm assuming dragging a file into a terminal window will copy its path on Linux, but I haven't tested this. Basically you just need to run the 'touch' command on that file.)
  • I've done the above and believe the problem is fixed. However, I had a second error
    (http://forums.zotero.org/discussion/18253/1016567252-syncing-error/#Item_1) and can't be 100% sure that this one's resolved...
  • The next version of Zotero should avoid this problem.
  • Great!

    I don't know if this helps, but the original problem happened when I took snapshots of Wikipedia pages. The HTML/PHP files captured had extremely long file names.

    Sorry about the double post - I didn't realize they were the same error.
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