how to enforce (re)indexing of local files?

I want to index attachments which are stored in the zotero database as copies of files from my local hard disk. File type is HTML. How do I encorce indexing them?

Long: I did a zotero research at a public computer, exported via zotero rdf with attached files. At home I imported this: The attachments were not indexed. There is this string in zotero: "Web link attachments cannot be reindexed without revisiting the page", therefore I opened all the **.html" files locally in the browser and added them a second time manually to the zotero database. This had no effect: The attachments are not indexed.

This is strange, since two weeks ago I did the same with a bunch of files I which were stored locally on my hard disk. These attachments are indexed. Any ideas what to do to make sure the attachments are indexed?
  • o.k., it's not a "local file" problem: All the files were vom and right now I took a snapshot of a current page -- which happend to be from too. It is not indexed. It is possible this happens because the webpage cfonsits of several frames? Any ideas how to index such pages?

    Tanxs for an answer, Gregor
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