319541779 - An error occurred attempting to delete 'W3SN56ED.zip' (409 Conflict). -

Error occurs during sync on startup of zotero.
I am running Firefox 4.01 on up-to-date Windows 7 Ultimate.

Have checked my WebDav repository, the property file for the archive seems to be there but W3SN56ED.zip is not. There is no local file/directory matching this name (without .zip)

They property file in my webdav repository is marked as 'Last Modified Wed, 30 Mar 10:11 AM (2 months ago)'

  • It's a problem with your WebDAV server.
  • Dan,

    Do you know what kind of problem so I can ask for support from the provider?

  • I don't see it in your error report, but if you're getting 409 Conflict, that'd be the thing to tell them. 409 Conflict is a known issue with certain providers, usually due to a files or files-per-directory limit.

    Your error report shows 401 Authorization Required for various DELETE requests.

    You can view Zotero's debug output for the sync to see what requests are resulting in the errors.
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