undo feature in notes

There is a very frustrating feature in the notes: the undo function seems to work across all notes and not just within the note one has been working on. Because there is no repeat function, this can lead to rather unfortunate results.

I didn't really figure out what happened: every time I clicked "undo" the entire text in the note I was working on changed into the text of some other (random?) note. In the end, it made me loose the entire content within that note, i.e. the notes I have taken at the library today on this specific source. The note I was working on now has the content of some other random note.

Why is there no repeat - or the opposite of undo? Please change this.

In other words, are Zotero notes really the best thing to use whilst doing research in the library or is it better to have all the notes in a word file too?
  • Well that's definitely a bug.

    We'll see what we can do to prevent this. There is, however, a Redo option, right below Undo in the Edit menu, that in my tests restores the text.
  • It's ok - I just remembered the virtues of OSX time machine :-)

    And thanks for the tip about Redo. I was using the right-click option within the note itself - there's no Redo there. As for the bug, I had seen this a few times before but it did not really bother me because eventually I always got back to the original text in the note.

    However, the undo option within the note (via right-clicking) works weird. I just tried it again with another note and the text within that note is replaced by the text of another note.
  • OK, this should be fixed in the latest dev build. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
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