Empty folders in Zotero Storage - delete?


I saw that about 25-30% of all folders in my Zotero storage are completely empty.
Is it safe to simply delete those folders, or is there a chance that Zotero at some point will be needing them for anything?
  • fyi, I checked for hidden files - none. Folder size is 0bytes. I have full read-write permissions for those folders.
  • I would say that you should definitely leave them where they are - I don't know how the Zotero storage system works at this level, but they are almost certainly put there by zotero deliberately as empty "containers" to take files matching particular criteria (possibly particular ranges of internal IDs). The system may be robust enough to recreate them when needed, but it might not be. Also why would you want to delete the folders anyway? They don't do any harm.

    The way I see it is: best case scenario, nothing happens; worst case scenario, you corrupt your zotero library irreparably. The worst case scenario is unlikely, but unless you have a very good reason for wanting to do this, why take the risk.
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