jstor pdfs misattached

I wanted to download to Zotero the citations for all the articles in a special issue of a journal devoted to a single topic. I did so and the pdfs came along--but are associated with the wrong citations. It's a jumble. The same pdfs appear to have been downloaded on a stand-alone basis as well; i have a bunch of them, generically called JSTOR Full Text pdf. These are the same pdfs from the same issue, but associated with nothing. Two are indexed, rest not.

I could delete the citations and pdfs, turn off the function that brings down the pdfs, bring back the citatations and then do the pdfs manually but I wonder if there's a better way. Thanks for any help.
  • What online repository are you using and could you provide a link for the page you had issues with?

    You might try bringing them in one at a time to see if that resolves the issue.
  • Thanks for your help. I'm using JSTOR. The link (via my institution) is http://ezproxy.bgc.bard.edu:2052/browse/1047840x/ap050025

    I'm pretty sure i could bring them in one at a time, however tedious that would be. I was just trying to use Zotero's ability to bring them in en masse.
  • This problem should now be fixed. Your Zotero translators will update automatically within 24 hours, or you can click "Update now" in Zotero preferences.
  • Fantastic, many thanks!
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