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I have been having problems adding items published by the Transportation Research Board of the National Academy of Sciences using their ISBNs. I have asked TRB about this and they claim that the ISBNs are legal and properly registered. But I have just encountered the same problem again. The ISBN in question is here is 9780309160834.
I import a lot of references to their work, so working around is a hassle. Information on the item is pasted below. Thank you.

Women's Issues in Transportation: Summary of the 4th International Conference. Volume 2: Technical Papers

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This volume includes 27 full peer-reviewed papers that were presented at the October 2009 conference. The conference highlighted the latest research on changing demographics that affect transportation planning, programming, and policy making as well as the latest research on crash and injury prevention for different segments of the female population. Special attention was given to pregnant and elderly transportation users, efforts to better address and increase women’s personal security when using various modes of transportation, and the impacts of extreme events such as hurricanes and earthquakes on women’s mobility and that of those for whom they are responsible.


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Transportation Research Board Special Report

Volume: 2
Issue Number: 46more icon
Publisher: Transportation Research Board
ISSN: 0360-859X

4th International Conference on Women's Issues in Transportation

Location: Irvine California, United States
Date: 2009-10-27 to 2009-10-30
Sponsors: Transportation Research Board; Federal Highway Administration; Department for Transport, England; University of California, Berkeley; Swedish Government Agency for Innovation Systems; METRANS Transportation Center; New Mexico Department of Transportation; University of California, Davis; Federal Transit Administration

Transportation Research Board Business Office

500 Fifth Street, NW
Washington, DC 20001 USA
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Figures; References; Tables

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Aged; Crash injury research; Demographics; Disasters and emergency operations; Females; Gender inequality; Mobility; Policy making; Pregnant women; Programming (Planning); Safety and security; Transportation planning

Subject Areas:
Highways; Planning and Forecasting; Policy; Public Transportation; Safety and Human Factors; Society; I72: Traffic and Transport Planning

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May 11 2011 2:20PM
  • Your question doesn't seem to have anything to do with DOIs, which are a separate way of identifying items. Zotero uses WorldCat to lookup ISBN. You can see, from the "Order URL" that is included in your post, that there is not WorldCat record for that ISBN.
  • As a commenter pointed out, the problem is that the items in question don't have any ISBN in WorldCat, or may have a different ISBN. Apparently whoever catalogs an item first in WorldCat creates the record, and if they don't include the ISBN or make an error, then that's problem. The publisher is now aware of this, and says it will watch WorldCat entries going forward. Thanks for the help.
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