simple marking of items?

  • mh okay, so I can´t find it...

    Can you please tell me how it works?
    I can´t find any description so far.

    Thank´s :)
  • it works!

    Thank you :)
  • Yes! It's alive!! Thank you so much.
  • Am running v4.0.11 and no colour coding available on Windows... what are you talking about?
  • it's definitely there. Have you followed aurimas's link above?
  • Thanks, and yes I read it = four times.

    "You can assign a color to a tag by right-clicking on it in the tag selector in the left hand panel" - Well, I (didn't) have a tag selector in the left hand panel in my standalone... Oh yes I do! It was hidden at the bottom of the panel and I never knew it was there... Helpful as the blog post may have been it might have been clearer with a better image and better explanation of the bottom left panel.

    Maybe a small edit:
    'You can assign a color to a tag by right-clicking on it in the tag selector in the bottom left hand panel. You need to enable the bottom panel view by dragging the horizontal dotted revealer above the panel (similar to the vertical revealer for the left hand panel).

    Excellent new facility.

    Thanks for your help.
  • the bottom left tag panel isn't new, though. It's been there since Zotero 1.0 (and is enabled by default - you must have hidden it a long time ago, either by accident or on purpose) - I already wrote two rather epic posts on the _new_ features, there is only so much I can/want to write ;)
  • I'm new to Zotero so it doesn't matter what version it was introduced in. Maybe I did disable it since it wasn't very useful before and forgot about it - when you start up you haven't got any tags anyway. Thanks again for your help and also the explanations - they weren't intended to be critical but I hoped constructive.
  • Astonishing with all this functionality that you can't flag references like people are suggesting here. 'Priority' '1-5 stars' 'Good/Bad' etc. And no, tags are not the right thing for this. You can't tag something with subject-specific tags like "Grinding" and a tag that is for your own management/planning purposes.
  • I don't know if this is a good idea but I decided to 'commandeer' the 'Extra' field and add it to the view as a column. Now I put 1, 2, or 3 in 'Extra' to indicate the reading priority.
  • @billtubbs Tags really are a super flexible organizational system. In my library, I have tags for organization, tags for topics, tags for methods, etc.

    Specifically, look at Colored Tags—right click on a tag and choose Assign Color. These tags will then be shown as a color square next to the item title. These are super useful for things like “To read” status.
  • Maybe that doesn't exist in the Mac OS X version. If I right-click on a tag the only option I get is 'Remove all tags'.
  • It certainly does. This is in the tag selector in the bottom left.
  • Ah thanks for that. Now I realise that you can edit the colour of any tag in the tag selector pane on the bottom-left but not in the tags list that appears for each document in the right-hand pane.
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    For anyone else that's interested in using Zotero to plan and manage a literature review, here are the tags I have set up (and coloured):

    Status - to read
    Status - reading
    Status - finished reading

    Priority 1
    Priority 2
    Priority 3
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    Earlier in this forum topic it was suggested to use one of the fields in the Info settings and add that field to the Item list display frame. The suggestion was the Extra field. I use !!! for level of importance by number of exclamation symbols used. Then can sort Item list by click on that List display field coloumn with importance by number of ! displayed. You need not do for every item but just the ones you most like.
  • @bwiernik @billtubbs Thanks for your methods in setting tags!
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