Syncing Errors - Report ID 742735142

Window 7
Firefox 4.0.1
Zotero 2.1.6

Haven't been able to sync for a few business days. The green arrow goes round and round, even after closing down and restarting Firefox several times. Now, I got this error that I'm forwarding to you.

  • The error you received may be due to a rather insidious low-level Firefox bug with large downloads we've seen elsewhere.

    Try going to about:config in the Firefox address bar, look for, and double-click it to set it to false. Then restart Firefox and try the sync again.

    If the sync goes through, you should be able to reset that setting to true in about:config. (If you don't, Firefox will run a bit slower.)

    Note that Firefox will likely hang temporarily while Zotero processes the download. If you interrupt it by killing Firefox, it'll just happen again.
  • Dan,

    That worked!

    As you predicted, Firefox hung (for about 5 minutes). Then, another five minutes of the green arrow turning before it synced. Nice to know the last few days of work is now safely stored on the Zotero server.

    Thanks so much,
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