Debug ID - D1112582547- Upload issue Zotero

Windows XP SP3 FF4.01 Zotero 2.1.6

1. Enable automatic syncing and disable file syncing (storage folders).
2. Restart firefox + zotero.

Zotero does not upload, green arrow keeps spinning for hours on end.
In Debug output (D1112582547), can see "(3)(+0000000): Associated libraries are locked — waiting 5000ms before next check" repeatedly.

Possible causes:
Had placed zotero in dropbox folder, then read about possible issues (adamsmith), and instead used symlink on XP (work) and windows 7(home) to connect storage folder to dropbox and take zotero out of the dropbox completely. During this time, the account on zotero server may have become locked.

Any help appreciated.

In the end I created a new zotero db on both PCs and imported all my entries from ZDF (including notes and files). As ZDF export/import often drops notes (sometimes complete notes, other times partial) I copied them manually from the old problematic version offline.

Issue was that the problematic version would not upload and I did not wish to restore from several months ago.
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