Seasr in tab-mode

I'm not sure if this is a SEASR issue or a Zotero issue and I wonder what people think ...

I have SEASR installed.

When using Zotero (in the "old fashioned" way, with the display at the bottom of the window), when I highlight a range of items, and right click, I get a list options and at the bottom it says "SEASR analytics".

However, if I switch to tab-mode (Zotero in a tab), when I select a range of items, and right-click I get the same list of options, but no "SEASR analytics".

I wonder which support route I should go.
  • The SEASR plugin needs to be updated for Zotero 2.1. Contact them and ask them to post to zotero-dev ( if they have any questions on how to make the plugin 2.1-compatible.
  • This problem has now been accepted by SEASR


    Boris Capitanu updated SEASR-16:

    Status: Confirmed (was: Open)

    Thanks for reporting this - we'll try to update it shortly.

    > The Zotero plugin needs updating to work with Zotero 2.1's tab mode
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