Japanese name and empty square

I just downloaded an article from the Japanese Journal of Religious Studies. Here is the meta data:

Shinno, T. (1993). From Minkan-shinkō to Minzoku-shūkyō : Reflections on the Study of Folk Buddhism. (P. L. Swanson, Trad.) Japanese Journal of Religious Studies, 20(2-3), 187-206.

I have two questions. The first has to do with the name. In the article it is listed as "Shinno Toshikazu". I am totally unfamiliar with Japanese names, so I just want to confirm that Zotero scraped this correctly, putting Shinno in the "Last Name" field.

Also, in Word I have an empty square before the colon (:). I'm assuming that this is probably a non-breaking space, but how can I get rid of it in Word? Or, better yet, is it necessary, since the article is in English, and regardless of whether I cite the article in an English document or Spanish (the only other language I work with), neither language requires a space like that.

Should I just delete it and conform to English/Spanish norms? Or what.

This is a first for me; having a citation with transliterated Japanese in an English article that I'm citing in Spanish. Is there a FAQ for this?
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