meta data for 3 vols in one

I have this book: González, J. (2002). Historia del pensamiento cristiano (Edición revisada.). Nashville TN: Caribe. But, it's actually 3 volumes in one. Previously each volume had it's own ISBN, but now they are all combined in 1 book. In the revised edition, each volume starts with page 1.

How do I enter this item into Zotero?

Should I create 3 items in My Library? One for each volume? But that makes it look like 3 different books, which it isn't any more.

Or can it be taken care up when I cite the work? Instead of citing using "page" use "volume" followed by page number? (E.g. González, 2002, vol. 1:243)

Should "3 volumes in 1" be part of the edition? (I.e. Revised Edition: 3 volumes in 1)?

Or am I making this too complicated? I'm sure each style will be different, but I want to enter it into Zotero correctly.

Any thought?

(If there is already a discussion of this somewhere, please provide a link. I looked but couldn't find one.)

  • I'd recommend three entries - otherwise you'll get into trouble putting the volume number and a page number in a citation (it's possible to hack that using the suffix field, but really not a great idea).
    I don't think we've discussed this before, no.
  • Thanks!

    That makes sense, although it feels a little funny having 3 entries for "one" book. This means the bibliography would have 3 entries (assuming I cited all three)?
  • yes, that's right.
  • This is another case for a two-piece locator (that is, specifying both volume and page from within the insert citation window)-- I agree that it'd be nicer to have this as a single item in Zotero, especially since the volumes are now only a piece of locator data; they make the pagination work.
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