"The selected file is not in a supported format"

Recently I have had trouble importing RIS and endnote references from journal web pages. In the past, I occasionally ran across files that had extra line breaks (usually in the abstract), and I would need to manually fix them before they would import via the 'Import From Clipboard' function. But more recently I have been entirely unable to import from RIS or endnote formatted references (example below).

My workaround has been to instead use a DOI import (which works), but this is very tedious. I have Zotero 2.1.6 in Firefox 3.6.16, and the zotero standalone. I'm observing this error in the firefox zotero plugin (I haven't tested this with the standalone).

Also, the error window that pops up (after running 'Import From Clipboard') has a broken link to the support page. (The 'View Supported Formats...' button in the error message links to http://www.zotero.org/support/kb/importing)



An example is for the page at:

Net analyte signal-based simultaneous determination of dyes in environmental samples using moving window partial least squares regression with UV-vis spectroscopy
Saliha ┼×ahin, Esra Sar─▒burun and Cevdet Demir
Anal. Methods, 2009, 1, 208-214
DOI: 10.1039/B9AY00009G
  • That one works for me in RIS mode. Can you paste the problematic data that won't import from the clipboard here?
  • I just re-tried downloading the reference using the RIS format. It doesn't auto-import, instead it pops up a 'what program would you like to use to open this file?' dialog. I selected notepad. It gave the following file contents, which won't import from the clipboard.


    TY - JOUR
    T1 - Net analyte signal-based simultaneous determination of dyes in environmental samples using moving window partial least squares regression with UV-vis spectroscopy
    A1 - Sahin, Saliha
    A1 - Sar[i without dot]burun, Esra
    A1 - Demir, Cevdet
    Y1 - 2009
    SP - 208
    EP - 214
    JF - Analytical Methods
    JO - Anal. Methods
    VL - 1
    IS - 3
    PB - The Royal Society of Chemistry
    SN - 1759-9660
    UR - http://dx.doi.org/10.1039/B9AY00009G
    N2 -
    The multivariate calibration methods-moving window selection partial least squares regression (MWPLSR) and net analyte signal (NAS)-were employed for simultaneous determination of a mixture of C.I. Disperse Blue 183, C.I. Disperse Blue 79, C.I. Disperse Red 82, C.I. Disperse Red 65, C.I. Disperse Yellow 211 and C.I. Disperse Orange 25 by UV-vis spectrophotometry. The absorption spectra of the six disperse dyes were recorded between 320 and 680 nm. A modified changeable size moving window partial least squares (CSMWPLS) and searching combination moving window partial least squares (SCMWPLS) were proposed to search for an optimized spectral interval and an optimized combination of spectral regions from informative regions obtained by MWPLSR. Different wavelength regions were selected by taking into account different spectral parameters including the starting wavelength, the ending wavelength and wavelength interval. It was found that wavelength selection improved the performance of the corresponding net analyte signal-partial least squares (NAS-PLS) model, in terms of root mean square error (RMSE), compared with the results obtained using whole spectra or direct combination of informative regions for each dye. The importance of calibration design was also investigated by calculating the prediction and validation errors. The influence of using independent validation sets were emphasized. The proposed calibration method gave better results in combination and informative spectral regions for determination of the six disperse dyes without prior separation.

    ER -
  • I have some RIS fixes that might address this issue. Please go to http://github.com/ajlyon/zotero-bits/raw/master/RIS.js and save the file to the translators directory of your Zotero data directory (http://www.zotero.org/support/zotero_data).

    If this works for you, please post here so that I can submit this change to be pushed to all users.
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