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My library is being synced to Zotero without error, but it seems the little green arrow spins forever. Zotero indicates last update 3 days ago. I have looked through the posts and it appears that this was seen at beginning of the year because of system loads and changes were made to resolve it, so I am wondering what might be causing the slow update. I added a couple of dozen cites this morning - nothing that included new pdfs though. If the mouseover indicates that last sync was three days ago, I am also assuming as there have been no errors messages that the last sync finished properly.....
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    Well, I finally closed FF4 and reopened it. Zotero promptly syncd and it took all of a couple of seconds..... Apparently there may be issues with FF4?
  • I am having this same issue. Often Zotero syncing just seems to take FOREVER, and I suspect doesn't complete at times because of the sync length. I get no error messages, but the green arrow simply spins and spins. I have noticed that syncing (and general usability) is slower, less stable when running in the Pin Tab mode in FF 4. Is this just a "hunch" on my part, or is anyone else experiencing this? I really love the App Tab function, since it gives me more screen real estate with which to work.
  • Cosmosis: I see no syncs in weeks from your account.
  • Hmmm, that's odd then. Dan, as the sync is currently shown in operation, the pop-up notifier says the last successful sync was eight days ago. Is there a way to stop this sync and try it again?
  • Are you syncing from a different account?
  • No, I am logged in through my usual account name and password. Just double-checked.
  • Dan, I just switched back to browser-pane mode, closed and re-opened FF 4 and the sync started and finished in seconds. It does seem to be the App Tab pin mode that is the culprit, at least in my circumstances. Anything I can do?
  • Are you running 2.1.6?
  • Yes, I am running 2.1.6. I also have the OpenOffice Integration add-on installed, version 3.5a1, in case that matters at all.
  • If you can still reproduce it, can you provide a Report ID after a couple minutes of the unending spinning?
  • Let me try and re-create it by re-setting Zotero as a pinned App Tab. I'll let you know if the problem re-occurs and try and post a Report ID.
  • Of course, now it's syncing fine. Will keep an eye on it over the next few days, and if the problem reoccurs, try and submit a Report ID to this forum.
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