file name of attachments on local computer?


I have a Zotero group library shared by a group of students who all are syncing to the Zotero server. This is a great way of making sure everyone gets the readings for the course. However, when accessing the material I want them to get it from their local computers rather than the server (to save bandwith and time).

How should I best refer to the local files? Do they have the same file names and locations on all computers? For example: can I rely on a "zotero://attachment/6256/" being called the same thing on all computers?
  • No, the numbers won't be the same (and we haven't yet changed the attachment URLs to use consistent keys, as is the case with generated reports).

    This is to include on a web page, I take it? Currently it's not possible to link from web pages to Zotero URLs anyway, so you pretty much just have to provide the title and author of the parent item.
  • You could also do something like create a collection in the group library for each week's reading.
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