Lost live links in drag citations

The links used to be live when dragging a citation from Zotero into MS Word 2007. When I upgraded to the newest version they aren't live anymore.

I only find discussions asking for this feature
  • yep, that's an unintended consequence of the new processor - you can likely get live links back by using some "update format" or so function in Word.
  • Will it come back?

    Where is the "update format" in Word?
  • And the url from a journal article from JSTOT didn't come over either like it used to. It is still in the record.
  • Whether a URL is included depends on the style and on whether you have the option "include URL" checked in the cite tab of the Zotero preferences.

    I don't know Word 2007, in Open Office it's Format---> Auto Correct --> Apply
    something like that shouldn't be terribly hard to find in Word.
  • Hi, it just isn't there in Word 2007. Word automatically makes all links live when they're in text, but for some reason it doesn't work on the fields that it gets from Zotero. Could you please look into it and make the links go live? Thanks...
  • Getting back live links: I think that I remember two ways to get what you want from Word (I no longer have it installed). Alas, the process is not automatic.

    Highlight the URL, right click, and select add hyperlink. A similar sequence can be done from the Format controls but it is deeply buried.

    Also, I seem to remember a tool or macro that will do this universally if the url is fully formed (beginning with the h t t p and ending with a file name extension or a " /").
  • Word's AutoFormat feature adds hyperlinks automatically. In Word for Mac, it's Format->AutoFormat. You can add it to the quick access toolbar in Word for Windows.
  • It just doesn't work when the links are in a text field imported from zotero. Or Mendeley for that matter, so it seems to be a Word issue. Word sees the text field as {some gibbberish meaning import this from elsewhere}, not as the link that is shown. Still, I'd be grateful if anybody knew a solution.
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