changing style from (author date) to footnote puts footnote before period

Hi all,

I have a problem, and I am not sure whether something can be done about this. I wrote an article in an (author date) style. Thus I inserted citations to look like this:
"As John Smith said, the sun is small (Smith 1999)."
Now i had to change the style to a footnote style and changed to Chicago footnote. Now the citations look like this:
"As John Smith said, the sun is small 17 ." (where 17 is a Footnote number)
But obviously it should be:
"As John Smith said, the sun is small.17"

I understand that the footnote is inserted where initially the citation is inserted, which is obviously what the program is supposed to do. But this is clearly wrong in terms of the citations style, which means that switching from author date styles to footnote styles implies a lot of handwork.
Or is there anything that can be done about this?
  • yeah, we talked about this once - I'm not aware of a solution. I wonder if Word/Ooo allow for sufficiently smart search and replace to deal with this, but that's my only idea.
  • I thought the integration code used to handle the punctuation cleanup? Perhaps this a regression?
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