oobase integration


SA comes with its own OO integration, I understand, but how do I use it to insert references in footnotes I'm working on in OO? Do I need to connect SA too OOBase somehow? I checked out preferences/cite in the SA menu but that wasn't very informative.

Any suggestions?

  • I don't quite understand - you can use the Ooo integration to insert citations wherever you want. For footnoted styles such as CMoS it will even automatically create the footnote.
  • Thanks for getting back. I'm clearly missing something. I thought, since SA comes with Ooo integration I don't need a plugin on the Ooo side? But then how do I get an Ooo footnote to include the Zotero database?
  • Zotero standalone should install the Ooo plugin automatically as I understand (maybe you need to trigger the installation in the "cite" tab of the Zotero preferences, but I don't think so). You will then see the same icons in Ooo that you see with regular Zotero
  • Thanks. Apologies if this is more of an Ooo question than a Zotero one. So I still need a plugin on the Ooo side? I dowloaded the Ooo plugin from here: http://www.zotero.org/support/word_processor_plugin_installation_for_zotero_2.1
    , following these instructions: "For Zotero Standalone users, or those experiencing problems with the new plugin, the older OpenOffice Plugin for Zotero 2.1 (Version 3.1b1) is still available for download." The plugin now works but it is looking for the Firefox database and not the SA one. Someone it would need to be redirected to SA.
  • my understanding is the SA is supposed to install the plugin for you automatically - the whole point is, after all, that you don't need FF. So yes, you need a plugin, but no, you don't need to download it separately. Have you checked if there is an install button in the "cite" pane of the Zotero SA preferences?
    Can someone with SA installed help out here?
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