Several pdfs in one parent item - which one is chosen ?

i hope this hasn't been discussed before, i couldn't find anything when searching the forums.

here's my problem:

I sometimes have one parent item with several pdf attached. When I double click on the parent item or when i select "view PDF", only one of them opens, which is fine. I'd just like to know if it's possible to chose which PDF will be open by default.


  • Is it not the first one listed? Alphabetical? I think there's a logic to it, but I don't remember what.
  • I just checked, it's not alphabetical, it's apparently the first pdf attached. It's a bit a bummer, because if you attach first the pdf that is not intended to be the "main pdf" (which happens for example when you attach the first unpublished version of a paper, waiting for the published version), you then have to manually delete the pdf that you don't want to be open by default, to re-import it again... I know it's a bit of a detail, but it would still be great to have an option to specify which document will be opened when double clicking on the item...
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