cannot make snapshots

I've always been able to make snapshots which I can annotate, under GNU/Linux, but I've noticed now on my Mac that it is not possible to do so. All the snapshots that I had taken under my linux machine have now been changed to http links under Mac, and if I try to take a snpshot, it becomes saved as a link. Could someone kindly advise?
  • is the "automatically attach snapshots...." option checked in the general pane of your Zotero preferences?
  • Hi Adam, thanks for the quick response.

    To answer your question, yes it is.
  • I take it there is no solution to my problem, or am I missing something?
  • No solution, but I have been contacted by a friend who seems to be having a similar problem.
    Mac Os X 10.6.7 (intel core i5)
    Zotero : 2.1.6
    Firefox : 3.6.17
    When she adds a page using the button, no screenshot is added automatically (despite that being checked in general preferences) and when she tries to add it manually, the option is greyed out as such :

    This definitely used to work under the same configuration, but she doesn't know when it stopped working. She wondered was it due to her being out of storage for syncing attached files. I said I couldn't really imagine that being the case, but in case disableing auto-syncing didn't help.

    Any ideas ? Is the next step to get her to disable all other add-ons?
  • You're right on both counts - it's not because she's out of sync storage - the local Zotero client wouldn't even know that - and disabling all other add-ons would be the next troubleshooting step.
  • It's a group library with file editing disabled.
  • brilliant, of course!
    Many thanks!
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