Way to "Create New Item from Current Page" in tab mode

Would it be possible to set up a way to "Create New Item from Current Page" in the tab mode? I use Zotero constantly, and the tab mode has been extremely convenient, with this one exception.

Currently we can easily save pages where translators exist, and many others I can save with the Readability translator, but sometimes I just need to save a regular page--for a person, an archive, or a research center, for example. For those pages, I have to click on shift/command/z to get to the Z tab, then command/shift/f to exit the tab mode, then click on the "Create New Item from Current Page" button. It would be nice if this could be done in one move.

It could be a shortcut, or maybe a webpage icon in the location bar. You must have already set up something like that to save regular web pages into standalone Zotero from browsers other than Firefox, right?
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