COinS in HTML-export

How can I export references in HTML-format that include COinS? From what I remember, this used to be the default output when generating a reference list in HTML. Also, the DOI was linked to Now the source of the output looks like this (no COinS, no link to

<div class="csl-bib-body" style="line-height: 2; padding-left: 2em; text-indent:-2em;">
<div class="csl-entry">Author (2010). Title. <i>Journal</i>, <i>1</i>, 100-101. doi:xx.xxxx/xxxx</div>

How can I enable the old behavior? I'm using the default APA style in Zotero 2.1.5, Firefox 4.0, Win XP
  • Any suggestions? I really need this feature.
  • This isn't possible at the moment. Zotero, which has a mechanism for generating the appropriate COinS from item data, used to generate HTML bibliographies itself, but that task has now been offloaded to the embedded citeproc-js citation engine, which doesn't do COinS. We should be able to add this back in in a future release.
  • Thanks for fixing the COinS output! Is it also possible to link the DOI in the reference to as it used to be in the old zotero releases?
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