Item Tagging

Would it make sense to also allow items to be tagged by dragging a tag onto one or more items? I'm rather used to the Gmail label model, and find myself trying to do this quite often (to no avail).
  • In addition to dragging multiple items to a tag, which is already possible?

    I think dragging multiple objects onto something is much more of a standard convention than dragging something onto a multi-selection.
  • Well, I'd already be very happy if I could drag a tag to a single item.
  • Dragging onto a multi-selection is hard for me to imagine, but dragging onto a single item does sound like a nice completion of the paradigm.
  • edited April 4, 2011
    Well, dragging a label to a selection of emails works in Gmail, but there label-to-email is the only way to go, and the concept of (email) selections is somewhat stronger because of the use of checkboxes to mark selected emails.
  • Dragging a tag onto a single item would be fine.
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