Problems importing from Scopus


Since I've installed the lastest version of Zotero (2.1.2), I can no more import articles from Scopus.
There is a new topic with this version : yellow popup "Zotero detected that you are accessing this website through a proxy. Would you like to automatically redirect future request to through ?" with a button "Enable (U-)..."
If I accept or not , I have always the same trouble.
But, I can import references from Sciencedirect through the same proxy.

Is this a general problem or is there a way to fix this?
  • Did Scopus work before? My understanding was that it's been broken for some time, 2.1.x or not.
  • Yes, it worked before. But only single captures. The multiple captures didn't work no more since the 2.0.
  • Can you try to access Scopus from a location that doesn't require a proxy? Like, say, the university campus?

    I know we'd like to support Scopus, but I don't have access to it through my institution, so I haven't been able to fix it (I have been offered temporary access by various people-- but I also need to find a time when I can definitely sit down and work on this!)
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