Zotero on my Android tablet with firefox mobile

  • Great to hear. The 1.1 release has slipped a little, but I still should be getting it out in the coming days.

    Supporting WebDAV might be quite hard to handle, since files on WebDAV are zipped up, and I don't think that their information is available through the current API.
  • Didn't know the API wouldn't have enough info to get the files from webdav... I was under the impression that the folder structure and file names in the webdav server followed some scheme that could be solved only with the data from the API, but I'd have to check that (guess you probably know better than me).

  • If the WebDAV information (server name, path) is entered separately, I suppose we could implement reading from WebDAV. That'll wait a little longer than reading from Zotero File Storage, but I certainly see why it's worth trying.
  • This seems not to work with current mobile Firefox 22. Any suggestions?
  • Looking at the thread, I don't think this has ever actually worked with Firefox mobile.
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