Text-case default?

There is a bit of a frustrating feature in the most recent version of Zotero. It seems that, when 'names' are rendered, text-case has a default setting which amends the rendered data.

An example. When an author's given name field is RH, it is rendered as "Rh" even when no text-case has been set.

If it saved as "R.H." or R H, it renders correctly.

This may have been implemented on purpose, but it does not seem to accord with the CSL 1.0 specifications. This can be easily tested for many of the basic styles, using Z2.1.2, both 0.8 styles and McGill Guide.
  • Thanks for this report. I've adjusted the processor to avoid touching all-caps strings, and the behavior will be corrected in the next release of Zotero (2.1.4).

    The code that does the lowercasing is in there to allow a given name with multi-character initials, such as "Ts.Elbegdorj", for "Elbegdorj, Tsakhiagiin" (currently President of Mongolia), to be represented as "Elbegdorj, TSakhiagiin". Opinions may differ over whether this is desirable, but we'll see how it goes with this fix.
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