Firefox 4.x and WebDAV

First, let me say I am so very happy with the upgrade. I was skeptical of the app tab thing at first, but it's too great for words (but why no "Z" tab icon on the Mac?).

The only real issue I've had is with file syncing, and I would like to know if I'm alone. There isn't an error message, and I don't know what (if anything) is wrong. For a while now, I have been using WebDAV with my university's WebSpace server, which I think is a Blackboard product. As soon as I upgraded, everything above basic sync apparently stopped working. The green arrow would spin, and I'd get a "last sync" message once the records were done, but I never saw the file sync progress bar. I was simultaneously unable to log into WebSpace, an issue that others might still encounter--our IT people told me that they were able to install the fix for 4.x compatibility only this morning. WebSpace now works and I had high hopes for Zotero with WebDAV, but file sync still seems unable to complete itself. That, or it's working very very slowly, with no indication of progress or success. I can't tell.

Thank you for any insights, and I'm sorry if this is vague. I am happy to supply more info, but I am travelling and might not be able to reply to questions right away.
  • Have you actually added new files?

    Check that WebDAV is still selected in the Sync pane of the Zotero preferences and click Verify Server to make sure that works.

    But basically:
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    I had added new files, yes, so I decided to force it to do some of the bigger ones again. I can report that it appears to be syncing files. I am even seeing the progress bar. So my problem, I guess?, was two fold: first WebSpace not working with Firefox 4; and second, that the arrow on my Mac just doesn't stop spinning. This only happens on my Mac, not my XP machine. I can also report that toggling from tab mode to the old mode while a sync is in progress generates an error. I get the red stop sign, and it says a sync is already in progress if I hit it again.
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    More info: I went to sync the second machine, and found I have the same problem on both platforms. But it seems like the current tab mode has something to do with it: it's not totally consistent, but if it's in app mode, the progress bar does not display. It only seems to show up in the split-screen mode. I discovered this by toggling when it appeared to be hanging again, only to find the sync halfway done--and this time, on the PC, I got no error message. I hope that helps.
  • Sync issues when toggling between modes should be fixed in the latest 2.1 Branch dev XPI, and the fix will be included in 2.1.2.
  • Hi Dan. Can you please clarify: I have NO PROGRESS BAR when in app-tab mode: is this one of the toggle issues whose fix is on its way? Thanks.
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