Zotero Dropdown Menu Button for Firefox 4.0?

Could we get Zotero to have a drop down menu button in Firefox 4.0 instead of having it on the "add-on bar"? I know it's a little trivial, but I like having the extra space in my browser (with a 13 inch screen, space is a premium), and Zotero is the only item on the add-on bar that I use. If it could be a dropdown menu button on the navigation toolbar, that would reduce its footprint on the screen. For example, I was able to remove my Diigo toolbar because they implemented a dropdown menu button that I can use instead. Maybe there's a way to do this already by changing some options? What do you think?
  • There is a Zotero toolbar button that you can add to the toolbar in View->Toolbars->Customize. You can then turn off the status bar icon in the Zotero preferences.
  • there's also the ctrl+alt+z shortcut which would allow you to have Zotero completely invisible until you open it.
  • Perfect, both of you. I do like having the button because I can never remember keyboard shortcuts. But the button option was obscured by firefox's new menu system. I had to bring up the full menu bar to be able to do it. In case others don't know, go to the Firefox dropdown menu, go to "options" and select "menu bar." From there follow Simon's instructions.
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