attachments not saved?

I'm having some trouble using zotero on firefox 2.0 on ubuntu edgy (official ubuntu firefox package). when I click on the "rolled-up newspaper" icon on, say, the new york times, the citation is saved and zotero seems to think it's downloaded an html article as an attachment. however, when I try to view the attachment I get the following error message:

"The attached file could not be found.
It may have been moved or deleted outside of Zotero."

when I look in ~/.mozilla/firefox/idhash/zotero/storage, there are a bunch of empty folders with 644 permissions, so I ought to be able to write to them. Not sure why the articles aren't downloading...

  • I have exactly the same bug in exactly the same environment.

    When I search for pdf files in my .mozilla directory, then I get access denied messages. Turns out that the directories which get created by zotero are (I) empty and (II) dont have the executable bit set.

    I guess this is some linux plattform issue, and it would be absolutly fabulous if this could be resolved :P
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    Yeah, the directories are supposed to be 755. You can fix that in the code in attachments.js (change the various '0644' lines to '0755'), though there are a couple other issues on Linux that may prevent attachments from working correctly.

    Sorry for the glitches—we'll definitely make sure that attachments are fully tested and working properly on Linux in the next release.
  • Thanks for the heads up, Dan. Ben and anyone else who's following this, attachments.js is one of the zipped files found in zotero.jar. Instructions on how to modify these files are to be found here:

    just tried it and this simple change (someone smarter than me could just do it with sed but I used gedit) fixed the issue on restart of firefox.
  • I too am having the same issue on Ubuntu Edgy, but I first noticed it with snapshots.
  • As far as the code is concerned, snapshots are the same as attachments.

    This and other attachment-related issues will be fixed in Beta 3, which should be out within the next few days.
  • hmm, i'm dealing with this issue too, just when i'm on the cusp of switching from windows to linux. is there a new anticipated date for beta 3?

    ps - thanks for a nice plugin. i've used a number of bibliographic programs and zotero is really the wave of the future. the ability to take good quality web snapshots is really unique. can't wait until more features are fleshed out. merry xmas!
  • yay! just downloaded beta3 and i can save snapshots/attachments in ubuntu 6.10 (edgy eft). thanks!

    only problem is that i keep getting the "cannot be saved.. contact translator author" message for practically every database i use regularly. this includes ebscohost (e.g. academic search premier) and proquest (e.g. historical new york times). zotero clearly is recognizing something is there on these sites because the relevant icons appear. but the "cannot save" error comes up when i try to save those references. is there anything I should try, or do i just need to wait for updated translators?

    thanks again, bottleman
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