provide script to index non-pdf files?

One feature I'd like in Zotero is the ability to provide a program or plugin to index new kinds of files. I sometimes store Sage worksheets (see in Zotero, which are really just text files inside a bzip-compressed tarball. I could easily write a short script that would extract the text from such a file and it would be nice if I could tell Zotero to index such files, and use my script to do it.
  • that seems like a promising idea - people could also get .doc and .odt files indexed with respective plugins etc.
  • Most of the apparatus is defined in /chrome/content/zotero/xpcom/fulltext.js -- it's designed with an eye towards extension for other file types. If you're a bit familiar with JavaScript, you could look into adding support for Sage worksheets.

    I'm hoping to (some day) tie in to an OCR library through this interface, but that's still a pipe dream.
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