Problem with multiple refrences from same source with the openoffice plugin

First I'll start by a little praise, thanks a lot for your work, zotero is just great.

I have a problem if I introduce multiple citations from the same source in an openoffice document. If I introduce one reference following the other and introduce a page number I don't get something like '(author, year:page)' as expected, but I get '(ebd.., page)'. 'ebd.' is German for 'same one as before'. So it's not actually wrong (except for the unnecessary dot), I just would rather like it as usual, since the references are a fair bit apart.

I think it's not something that has anything to do with the citation style, I think. I get the same result if I change the style. So I wonder whether this can somehow be changed, or whether it's just the way it is. If so I would like to make this a feature request to make an option field like the 'suppress author' field. It's a bit annoying, because I have to modify every reference by hand.

Greetings chuelibrueder
  • I do have the same problem. Additionally, it's written with a capital E ("Ebd..,). Fixing this would be very helpful...
  • Can anyone tell us, where this is defined, is it part of the main program, or part of the citation style? It would be good to know whether it's worth trying to fix this by modifying the citation styles. I just know that it doesn't change using any of the preinstalled styles, but maybe they are just all wrong.
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