app tabs

I like the new tab mode. However, I'm experiencing one problem. If I close all other tabs leaving only zotero open and then go to a website on that tab and then close firefox and open it again. The last visited webpage will occur as a app tab in addition to the firefox app tab.

Any solution to this?
  • How are you going to a website in the Zotero tab? There shouldn't be a URL bar, unless there is a bug in Zotero, and going to a different website in any app tab will cause that website to be pinned on next startup in Firefox 4. Best practice is probably to open a new tab and go to the website there.
  • I have moved my address bar next to the menu (for space-saving) that's might be why it's always there.

    Yes I know I should open them in a new tab but I just keep forgetting about it.
  • Also if I go to a bookmark when zotero is open it will override zotero. I know that I can Ctrl click the bookmark or open them with the middle mouse button but it would be great if they automatically opened in a new tab instead of the zotero tab

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