Sync error report

I get a repeated error message when I sync. I have only yesterday bought space and attempted to sync my library data and files. The sync took nearly all day and appeared to have problems. I had to restart a couple of times. However the Zotero Library webpage now appears to have all data. Re syncing always ends up with an error message. I have sent the last one in. ID 332600992. I appreciate any light you could shed on what's happening. Running Firefox 3.6.15 and Zotero 2.1.1 on Windows Vista 32.
  • Syncing to the Zotero servers generally takes only between a few seconds and a few minutes now, with very few exceptions.

    Uploading many files could take significantly longer depending on the speed of your Internet connection's upload bandwidth.

    There are no Zotero errors logged in there. What's the actual error you're getting?
  • After a number of restarts all seems up to date. The original errors (4 or 5) were accompanied by a red icon next to the sync circular arrow. At that stage I was not getting the upload / download progress meter, just the sync arrow turning. The message as well as I can remember, just said that the sync was not working; to restart and if that didn't work, send in an error message. After I did that (see above) for some reason things changed and the progress meter appeared. It finished syncing finally in three bites. First it said it had completed the downloads but had 2000+ upload items, then it got about halfway through and just stopped - no error message, then on restarting (close Firefox and whole computer to be on the safe side) it got down to the last three files of approx 1200+ and stopped - no error message, but "28%" on the progress meter. It seems a bit odd for 3 files out of 1200 odd to need 72% of the total upload effort, because I don't think I have any attachments that big. A couple of MP3 files that's all. On the next restart, it completed the sync, of (then) 17 files, (I had added some in the interstices between uploads) though clearly one file was large. That's all the light I can shed I'm afraid.
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