cannot "attach stored copy of file" in saved search

This may be a bug and I found nothing in the forums:
When I try to attach a stored copy of a file from an item in a saved search the option in the menu is greyed out. It works on the same item if I try to do it in the main library. Would be practical if it did work
happens on 2.0.9

  • Bumping this up, for attention, and replicating

    Zotero 2.16, Ubuntu 10.04,

    attempt to Add Attachment/Add Stored Copy option has no icon, but not "greyed-out". No activity on pressing space where icon should be... not that I expected.
  • This problem persists in 2.1.7

    Select entry from main database, Right click, select "Add Attachment", {Add Snapshot; Add Link to Page; Add Stored; Add iInk to File}.

    Options 1 &^ 2 have icon, with "chain-link" image and blue background.
    Option 3 has blank space where file icon should be;
    Option 4: uncoloured icon with "chain-link" image.

    Options 1 & 2 work as expected. No action when Option 3 selected.
    Option 4 (Add link to File) does not appear to be working.

    Thus, functionality seems associated with presence of full coloured, chain-link icon.

    Firefox 3.6.17
    Ubuntu 10.04
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