Firefox crashes on startup when zotero was in tab mode

I just had some difficulties in starting Firefox. Turns out Firefox crashes on startup if Zotero (2.1.1) was open in tab-mode as the only tab when I closed Firefox (I have configured Firefox to reopen the tabs from the last session).

error-id: 1374210639
  • Forgot to mention Win XP, Firefox 3.6.15
  • Thanks. This is fixed for Zotero 2.1.2.
  • edited August 4, 2012
    This problem reappeared in Zotero 3.0.8.
    Zotero in expanded tab mode as only tab crashes firefox immediately on restart and ever after except when disabling add-ons in Firefox safe mode.
    Edit: I configured Firefox to reopen the last tab on restart too.
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