"Create new item from current page" method in tab mode

I love the new tab mode in 2.1, but it's clumsy to add a web page -- have to shift to window mode and back. Would it be possible to add an icon to the location bar, if a page does not have recognized references, that would just create a new item for the page?
  • Something like this is probably a good idea. I've created a ticket.
  • I second this request. Actually it would be helpful in either mode.
  • Changeset 9830 says:
    Adds "Create New Item from Current Page" context menu option. We can add a toolbar button too if we can come up with an icon for it.
    This is on its way.
  • Workaround, until the fix is implemented in the release version.

    Snapshot in tab mode:

    You can pull the icon of the webpage (at left of the address bar) onto the zotero tab, (do not release the mouse button yet). This will activate the zotero tab and now you can drop the web page into the desired collection - this will create the desired snapshot (create a new item for current page). (works for me with FireFox 5.0)
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    Given that I often use the save current page feature on PDF documents, that are displayed using an external viewer and thus do not render the context menu of Firefox, would it be possible to implement this for, say, right clicking the tab itself?
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    Just drag the PDF tab's favicon into Zotero.
  • Thanks, not so difficult after all.
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