Tagging System while Note-taking, with #Hash Twitter Style

Dear Zoteros

As proposed in the title, is it a reasonable idea to have a Twitter system of Automatic tagging by just adding a # to the word.

So that when taking notes, and i have a key word, i can just add a hash, rather than click the Add Tags Button and scroll and find it? I have about 5-20 tags per notes, so it would speed up note-taking.

Also when adding the "#" it would change the word that it is attached with a specfiic highlight. Because currently, in my notes with 20 tags, it takes a while to everytime, to copy the tag name and highlight it and add it next to the paragraph that the tag relates to.

I could have only one note per tag, but thats quite a loss of oversight.

Thanks for all your work in developing Zotero

eternally gratefull
your ever
  • This does sounds like a nice future workflow, and while I don't know if it'll happen, I'm still hoping the notes interface gets a facelift sometime soon-- it would be nice if notes could link to tags, items, etc. But no matter what, you shouldn't have to scroll to add tags.

    Also, you could use hash tags like ###thisisafuntag and use saved searches / advanced search to find notes with that content-- it isn't a tag in Zotero's terms, but it would still serve to let you find just the notes in question.
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