Z2.1rc2 Deleting ":"


It may be a problem with the test pane, but this seems unlikely. In styles where there is a colon (":") between the publication location and the publisher's name, rendered as a suffix in the publisher's name, it is not rendered.

This is a problem both in Chicago (Notes with bibliography) and in McGill Guide 7.
  • This problem seems persistent in Z2.1.1
  • It seems to be working correctly in the latest version of the processor. The next Zotero 2.1 release will include a number of bugfixes to the CSL processor, and this may have been fixed along the way. If it it still a problem after Zotero 2.1.2 comes out, give a shout and I'll take a closer look.
  • I believe this was one of the issues that was fixed it came up in another thread, too.
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